"elegiac eloquence" --Rachel Hadas
"A wonderful guide to the terrible things being done in the American landscape." --Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation
"beautifully-made poems that are both erudite and wise"
--Elizabeth Alexander
"the standard work on the suburban landscape in the United States."
--Ann Forsyth
"A compelling guide for the next generation of urban historians, preservationists, environmental activists, and public artists."
--Sam Bass Warner, Jr.

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DOLORES HAYDEN is the author of Building Suburbia, A Field Guide to Sprawl, and several other award-winning books about the history of American landscapes and the politics of place. She is a professor at Yale University and past president of the Urban History Association.

Hayden is also a widely published poet whose work explores American landscapes,
past and present. Her most recent collection, Nymph, Dun, and Spinner, appeared in November 2010. Recent poems appear or are forthcoming in Poetry, The Yale Review, The American Scholar, and Raritan. Her work has appeared in The Best American Poetry and she has received awards from the Poetry Society of America and the New England Poetry Club. In 2008 she gave the Phi Beta Kappa poem at Yale University.